NBA Quarter Mark

Updated: December 13, 2017

NBA Betting 2017: Best and Worst Against The Number

The NBA season is a series of peaks and valleys for most teams.  With hot streaks and cold streaks aplenty, teams try to maximize the winning during a hot streak and minimize the pain of the cold streaks. In much of a similar fashion betting on the NBA tends to often fall into a similar pattern. The darling of this month is the team you backed losing 8 straight last month. With over a quarter of the season already in the books let’s look at the best and worst of covering the number of gamblers this season.

The Best:

Boston Celtics (19-6-1)- No surprise here as the Celtics lead the NBA with the best record at 22-4 after losing their initial two games. What may be more impressive is Boston’s current run of 19-6-1 against the number which is over 76% thru 27 games. The Celtics are 13-13 against the total in 2017.

Boston homers may be as spoiled as any as the NFL’s Patriots are 8-4 against the number after going 13-3 last year.  Must be nice to fire a few bucks on the home team and they actually win.

Brooklyn Nets (17-7)- This one may be a surprise to many as the Nets check in at #2 despite predictions they would be one of the worst teams in the NBA.  While their SU record is a pedestrian 10-14 they are a stellar 17-7 vs the number checking in at just over 70%. Coach Kenny Atkinson has this team playing a much more competitive brand of basketball that oddsmakers may not have caught up to just yet.

Detroit Pistons(15-7-2)- The upstart Detroit Pistons also make the list checking in at 15-7-2 good for just over 68%. The surprise Pistons are currently 14-10 straight up and 11-13 going over/under. Things may be turning in Motown however, as the Pistons have lost their previous 4 games and have 3 upcoming against playoff contenders.

The Worst

Oklahoma City Thunder(8-16)- Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, things were not supposed to be like this in Oklahoma City.  While nobody was actually picking them to beat the Warriors this team was picked by many to be one of the Western Conferences best. The Thunder are currently 8-16 ats and 11-13 straight up.

Adding Paul George and Carmelo Anthony to play with superstar Russell Westbrook was supposed to bring the Thunder a big 3 of their own.  Instead, they currently sit in the 9th seed on the outside of the playoff picture. Books have to be loving this as you know there was a lot of early season hype money laid on these guys.

Cleveland Cavaliers(8-16-1)- Coming right alongside the Thunder are the Lebron’s from Cleveland at 8-16-1. While the Cavs are 18-7 straight up and right in the thick of the Eastern Conference race they are struggling mighty versus the number. This could be due to overinflated numbers for Lebron, a lack of focus during the regular season as the Cavs are meant for the playoffs, or maybe something to do with missing Kyrie Irving. Who knows but fading the Cavs has been a goldmine for those few willing to fade the King.

What these teams do going forward is anyone’s guess but many will continue trying to catch these guys going the right or wrong way for wagers. Good luck going forward and hope you are cashing winners.