AFC Playoff Picture: Who Wants to Dance

Updated: November 16, 2017

AFC Playoff Picture: Who Wants to Dance?

It’s that time of year.

The leaves are falling, the temperatures dropping and the holiday season is right around the corner. With week 10 now in the books for the NFL its time to start looking at playoff scenarios and playing everyone’s favorite game of what-if? Let’s take a few minutes to go over the AFC playoff picture by divisions with only 7 weeks to go along with some odds to win the division.

AFC East: Brady and Everyone Else

To the surprise of nobody this division currently belongs to the Patriots at 7-2. They are an overwhelming favorite to win the division with odds as high as -10000. They are currently tied with the Steelers for the AFC’s number one overall seed.

While the Patriots are competing for the #1 seed overall Buffalo is firmly in the playoff picture as well currently holding the final AFC playoff spot as the 6th seed. Buffalo(+1800) is going to really have to rely on their defense going forward as they just announced the benching of quarterback Tyrod Taylor. It is never a good thing to be a team contending for a playoff spot and benching your quarterback in week 11.

Chasing Buffalo for the 6th seed is a host of 4-5 teams that includes the Miami Dolphins(+4800). It’s is hard to imagine them making a run as bad as they have played at times.

AFC North: Pittsburgh Steelers for the Win

It sometimes seems that all they do is win, but once again the Steelers(-7500) lead the division at 7-2. As mentioned above they are competing with the Patriots for the number one overall seed in the AFC and would love home field advantage throughout.

The Baltimore Ravens(+1200) are bunched in a pack with the Dolphins and Raiders at 4-5 chasing the 6 seed. The Bengals are on life support at 3-6 and of course, there are the lovable losers in Cleveland at 0-9.

AFC South: The Haves and Have Nots

The AFC South is a two-team race with both the Tennessee Titans(-215) and Jacksonville Jaguars(-225) currently at 6-3. Jacksonville may have the edge down the stretch as they have a pretty manageable schedule that starts this weekend with the winless Browns. The only remaining games versus winning teams are at Seattle in week 14 and what could be a huge season finale as they host the Titans at home in what could be a winner takes the division game. The Titans travel to Pittsburgh this weekend and host the Rams before their end of the season matchup with the Jags.

The Texans are currently 3-6 and their season basically collapsed along with Deshaun Watson’s knee. The Colts are currently 3-7 and their season never really had a chance since quarterback Andrew Luck has missed the entire season.

AFC West: The Chiefs Lead the Mediocre

In what was supposed to be a strong division to begin the season the Chiefs(-1100) are the only team above .500 at 6-3. They currently hold the AFC’s #3 seed and look poised to make another postseason run.

Oakland(+600) is on the fringe of the #6 seed at 4-5. The Chargers still cannot win a close game and are at 3-6 and Denver appears to be falling completely apart and also sits at 3-6.

There is still plenty of football to be played, but the contenders have primarily identified themselves. Which team is going to make that surprise run to sneak into the postseason?