Avoiding Mr. Mayhem For Your Bankroll When You Lean

Updated: January 4, 2015


A wildly popular Biker show on FX called the Sons of Anarchy came to a close this season.  One of the themes involved with the politics within the club is what to do when a member make a decision that went so horribly wrong that only the direst of actions could correct it.  The final solution offered in the show was to put the member up for a vote to see if “Mr. Mayhem” would come to a visit.  If he were to visit, the person would met his an untimely demise at the hands of the club.  We as sports wagers face the same predicament to our bankrolls when we decide to lean heavily into it.  A sure thing can be profitable but just as often will result in your bankroll meeting its maker with you being out of the game for some time.  TGF will examine whether leans are ever worth it and how you can obtain some back up when investing in offshore sites like HRWager.

When Tried and True Goes ZZZ

  • Bankroll divide by two to three percent per wager.
  • If Original bankroll hits under 75 percent to over 125 percent at the end of a day, adjust the two to three percent to calculate new bet sizing.
  • Lather, rinse, and repeat.

The word grind does not denote success.  It is a slow path up to profit.  Now when the holidays, NFL playoffs, or a dire need for cash comes up, cappers suddenly get hit with an affliction to swing for the fences.  A wildly popular lean strategy is the 25-75 where if they strike out on the first wager, the second one at 75 percent of their original bankroll will have them healthy in now time.  After all, how can my best plays both falter on a day where I really need them to come through.  More often than not, failure will come to this system.  The bars are littered with corpses nursing a beer watching the game with nothing on it.  How can you dodge the fickle finger of luck that will ravage us all from time to time?

HRWager Comes to the Rescue

Dependable does not equate to vanilla in its offerings, reliability, and promotional offerings.  With numerous packages to choose from, loads and reloads come with a variety of free play to pocket.  Essentially it is money on the house to wager with and if you win, you get the proceeds.  This is akin to having an ace up your sleeve.  When the need or situation to lean comes to fruitation, use the very low risk free play to cash in on it.  It costs nothing to wager with it, and is a vital boost to your bankroll should your hunch come home.

So when the screams and shouts become to much, why not lean with an HRWager Free Play!!.  Go to the TGF sponsor right now and converse with an experienced customer care specialist.  With their perfect English, they can quickly summarize and show you how to augment your bankroll with this valuable option.  Good fortune and have a great NFL playoff avoiding the Mayhem.