College Football Free Pick : Tulane at Wake Forest

Updated: August 31, 2016

College Football Free Pick

A pair of 3-9 teams last year headline our College Football Free Pick for Thursday, September 1st.  Good afternoon and thank you for checking back in at The Gambling Forum.  Wake Forest retains the same regime despite two awful seasons.  Tulane has change their man up top.  Willie Fritz has a great reputation for turning around programs in a hurry.  A -16 opening number has gotten bet up to -17 among the major outs offshore.  Which way points to the profit for the minds at TGF for this game set to kickoff at 7PM.

College Football Free Pick

Part of this movement is the recent decade’s history in openers.  Wake is 6-4 in their openers while Tulane stumbles out of the gate almost always gaining just three wins in the same span.  Tulane has gotten run over in last year’s defensive efforts.  However, this is not because they turned the ball often a lot last year.  Now with their installation of the option, the first game will certainly have some blown offensive line assignements to exploit.

Offensive Problems

Wake sputtered to just 17 points a game last year.  Most of this was the fault of the offensive line.  Porous does not begin to describe the penetration they allow.  88 sacks in the last two years is far too many to even be remotely effective.  All of this is reflective in the total dropping like a stone from 44 1/2 to 42 region.  New offense on one side combined with the sub par coaching of the Deamon Deacons has this game being more of a grind than an offensive explosion.

Combination of line movement concludes that the Tulane offense will sputter out of the gate.  Spread increases while the total drops indicates this.  Tulane’s coach is a good one but will need time to get it all together.  Even mighty Michigan struggled in Utah the first time out.  Safest wager of the bunch would be the team total under on Wake Forest.  In the absence of this, Tulane + the points is the next best bet.  Good fortune and we will see you later on here at The Gambling Forum.