College Football Recap Week Three

Updated: September 18, 2016

College Football Recap

Tides have turned from some programs as the College Football Recap for Week Three has arrived.  Great to see one and all here at The Gambling Forum.  Creativity shot itself in the foot as Oregon took a winnable game in Lincoln and lost to Nebraska 35-32.  Going for two point conversions on every score shattered the Ducks season.  What teams made better decisions than this?  Almost everyone of them as we look at some of the key revelations for the gamblers here in college football this Sunday, September 18th.

College Football Recap Week Three : Petrino Pours it On

Oddly enough, this level of success is now ideal to put the Louisville Cardinals on the fade train in terms of point spread.  Their 63-20 beating of #2 FSU is the type of game that sticks in the minds of the masses.  Petrino has road games coming up against Marshall and Clemson.  The Tigers is the important one for their desires.  Look for a sky high spread against Marshall and for the fade to be in effect as it will be one of the only times Petrino now takes the pedal off of the gas next week.

Bama Looks Inconsistent

Ole Miss almost got them for three years in a row.  Led 21-3 and just like FSU, Bama destroyed the Rebels in the second half.  This speaks volumes of how Freeze of Ole Miss does not make the necessary adjustments in the second half.  Look to bet the Rebels first half and fade for the game.  Alabama used their masses in both size of the lines and depth of talent to wear down Ole Miss.  Lane might be an offensive prodigy but his relationship with Saban being caustic is going to cost this team.  After this season, look for this union to go to divorce. As for Alabama, two home games against after thoughts should still have their perch secure at #1.  Tide would be a no play against Kent State as who knows how much effort they will want to expand there.

Part II to this article will be here shortly.  How will the star power in Michigan continue to save them?  Is the Big 12 just done for the entire year?  Pac-12 rebound this week?  These are the questions we will answer in part II later today.  Good fortune and join the debate in our forums today.  Football, Trump, and other trending subject being bandied about right now.  Membership is free so improve your sports handicapping today at The Gambling Forum.