College Football Week 4 : SEC Firing Line

Updated: September 23, 2016

College Football Week 4

Being in the best conference in football has pressure on almost all of the teams.  Even those that are perpetual doormatts have high expectations to move up the food chain or we will find a new coach who will try.  Great to see everyone here again at The Gambling Forum.  Today we look at two games where the coaches are either dead men walking or have to win to salvage future employment.  So let us look to Kentucky, LSU, and Auburn to make head and tails about their status within the SEC right now here at TGF.

College Football Week 4 : Lame Duck in Bluegrass 

A variety of reasons outline the games as being pivotal in the eyes of their fans.  Kentucky (-2 1/2) hosts South Carolina at 7:30PM.  Wildcats are a mess and the only thing keeping Mark Stoops employed is the $12 million dollars remaining on his deal.  Suffer through it or bite a significant financial bullet.  Program and players know he is a lame duck.  When they have a big talent advantage over small schools, their individual efforts can prevail.  Pit them against near equals and their chemistry issues and lack of motivation become obvious.  Look the the visiting Game Cocks to cover and maybe outright win in Kentucky this Saturday.

Les Miles : Tick Tock

Here is the checklist for boosters when it comes to Les Miles in 2016.  Beat Alabama and win the SEC championship.  Nothing else will save his job.  Three point favorites at Auburn.  We saw how the Tigers could truly play for a half last night at Georgia Tech.  Vital game for both of these teams with both coaches have short career expectancies.  Gus Malzahn faces the real prospect of going 1-3 to start with all the games at home.  His staunchest supporter in Jay Gogue is retiring as Auburn president.  Athletic director has to look bold for his new boss.  Miles is almost out the door with Malzahn following him if they lose against LSU.  Do not bet this game but it will be a fiercely contested affair with all the stops pulled out at 6 PM EST.

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