Expert Prediction for Texans Patriots 9/22

Updated: September 21, 2016

Texans Patriots

Middle of the week cant keep us down as our Expert Prediction for Texans Patriots comes in for tomorrow’s NFL game.  Wonderful Wednesday to all that have come back to check in here at The Gambling Forum.  We have an incredible situation brewing.  How far can an offensive system stretch to compensate for skilled position injuries?  Gronk’s status might not be known until 7PM Thursday but we do know that Jimmy Garoppolo is out.  How can a rookie quarterback cope with a top flight defense like the Texans (2-0) have?  Let us see if the home dog Pats can do it once again here at The Gambling Forum!

Texans Patriots : 91st Pick in the Draft

We will get to know a lot more of Jacoby Brissett over the course of the next two weeks.  Good news is that even though this move is forced, it is not out of sheer panic.  With two good quarterbacks on the roster, the Patriots saw enough in him to use a third round pick when they were flush with signal callers.  His arm is above average and the scrambling ability he possesses gives him an impromptu skill that compensates for his lack of reads.  This is due to inexperience at this level but under a simple script, he was proficient in a emergency role last week.  Question is that with an elite level defense, can he scamper away to produce enough plays to win at home?

Home Dog : Market Movement?

The mythos around this Patriot team is incredible and mostly warranted.  They seem to effortlessly plug in players.  Gronk’s status wont be cemented until an hour or two before game time.  Oddsmakers dubbed the Pats as +2 underdogs at home.  The masses have bet enough to slash this to the +1 level on New England.  Incredible the amount of credit they get against a Houston defense that is stellar.  Texans can run the ball well and have a quarterback who will dial it back a tad so as to not have turnovers dictate the game.  They will not give the man to man defense that Garoppolo exploited in Arizona.  Zone and exotic packages that necessitate complex reads will be given.  This is the perfect storm to fade the Pats at home.

Too much mythos to stand up to reality here.  Can a system be this good to counter top teams?  Arizona opted for the wrong defense against an experienced backup.  No such mistakes here.  Texans -1 is the play of the week yet alone Thursday.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at The Gambling Forum.