Gambler’ Corner 3/6/2018

Updated: March 7, 2018

Gambler’s Corner 3/6/2018

The week has passed and with it so has the chance that we get a ruling on the Supreme Court case in the much anticipated New Jersey sports gambling case. Nonetheless, there is still plenty to cover in the world of sports gambling. Between March Madness, NBA and NHL regular seasons approaching the finish line and MLB Spring Training rolling along there is something for everyone.
We are going to take a quick look around the industry to look at a few of this week’s stories starting with the pending decision coming out of New Jersey.

Just a Little Longer: New Jersey Sports Gambling Case

March 5th came and the Supreme Court did not deliver an opinion on governor Christies case for legalized sports betting. This was a key date that many had circled for a possible decision as the Supreme Court does not have another potential date being scheduled until early April. We’ve waited this long, what could waiting another month or so possibly hurt?

Both the NBA and MLB have made their opinions known and surprise, surprise, they want a cut based on the total dollar amount wagered around the country (have seen 1% of overall take quoted a few times). It’s been years and years in the making, let’s hope that if we do finally get a legitimate path to legalization that everyone doesn’t screw it up with excessive greed by trying to get their piece of the action. The last thing gamblers want is a product that is so expensive it’s basically useless. The increased fan bases that will wager and watch their product due to having a little action on the game should be enough.

Leagues and hurdles aside, New Jersey is confident that it will be legalized as they have begun accepting and encouraging early applications for state licenses for legal gambling. Casinoes and Racetracks around the state are the obvious entries for early applications.
New Jersey is not the only state looking toward the future and getting their piece of the potential multi-billion dollar industry. Several states have introduced various bills opening the door to legalized sports-betting in the future. Not a state but an interesting note that daily fantasy sports big shot Draftkings has hired a Head of Sportsbook to help build and initially launch sports betting in New Jersey should the decision be favorable.

NBA Playoffs Rapidly Approaching

Another week and the Houston Rockets continue to hold onto the best record in basketball at 49-13. The Rockets are currently in the midst of a 15 game winning streak and fresh off beating Eastern Conference contender Boston 123-120. James Harden continues to solidify his MVP status as the superstar is just dominating right now.

The Madness: Hope you Requested Off

It’s almost here as Selection Sunday is less than a week away on Sunday, March 11th. Almost time to spend who knows how much time carefully contemplating which 12-5 upset you want to pick. Or which team will be this years Cinderella. The games officially tip on March 13th with the First Four selection games. Then its time for the opening Thursday or do as little as possible workday as its known in the corporate world (just kidding, who’s actually going in to work that day anyway?). Should be another exciting tournament!
Villanova is the current favorite at 9/2 with a handful of teams below them with single-digit odds.