Gambler’s Corner 4/10

Updated: April 10, 2018

Gambler’s Corner 4/10/2018

Lots of happenings in the world of sports over the past couple weeks. The Villanova Wildcats dominated the field and emerged with an NCAA title in this years edition of March Madness. The NBA and NHL seasons are almost complete with the playoffs set to begin soon. But the elephant in the room has yet to be addressed. We are still awaiting the Supreme Court decision on sports gambling in the US.

Still Waiting for A Decision

It’s been just over 4 months now and gamblers across the US are still awaiting a decision from the Supreme Court. The stakes are high as an opinion on the federal law that prohibits sports betting in all but four states will be decided. When the argument was initially presented, many believed it was only a matter of time before the decision was reached that repealed the current PASPA law.

But the longer this stretches out there is growing concern that the decision may not be favorable for gamblers.
Hopefully, the delay is nothing more than a backlog of cases. There were several cases heard ahead of New Jersey’s that have yet to receive opinions as well. The next date to look at is April 30th as it is the most likely date that the Supreme Court will publish opinions. Hopefully, the decision goes the way of the punter and we get to begin the process of legalized sports wagering.

MLB Season Underway: Batter Up

We are approximately 10 games into the MLB season and outside of April snow, everything is cruising along. Last years World Series champs, the Houston Astros, have picked up where they left off last season at 9-2. The runner-up Dodgers may be suffering from a bit of a World Series hangover as they have started 3-6.
The Astros are the current favorites to repeat at +435 followed by the Yankees(+605), Dodgers(+775), and Indians (+830). The lowly Marlins are still bringing up the rear at +85,000 as their 3-7 start has given little hope to fans or oddsmakers.

NBA Playoff Fever

The NBA regular season is coming to a close as only 1-2 games remain on the schedule. The Western Conference still has one playoff spot up for grabs as the eight seed has yet to be decided. The Minnesota T’Wolves will host the Denver Nuggets with the winner taking the West final playoff spot. Their reward for achieving this feat is? A first-round matchup with the juggernaut known as the Houston Rockets.

The Eastern Conference has its 8 teams locked in with only a few seeding issues left to be decided. Teams will be shooting for the #7 seed so they grab a first-round matchup with the walking wounded Celtics who have locked up the #2 seed. The Toronto Raptors have secured the #1 seed in the East.

Book Reports

Things are quiet mostly on the payout fronts with no major books reporting any issues. Seen a complaint with issues of payment from MyBookie but the client appears to have been paid(it did take 6 weeks, however, which is never fun). It’s frustrating when you are not only sweating out whether your bets are winning but also having to deal with when they are paid.