The Gambler’s Corner 5/4

Updated: May 5, 2018

The days continue to pass as we still await a decision from the Supreme Court in the state of New Jersey’s attempt to legalize sports gambling. Looks like we will have to wait a little while longer to see how it plays out. That aside there are plenty of things in the sports world for gambler’s everywhere to find a little action.

Round 2 NBA Underway

The opening round of the NBA playoffs has concluded and there was plenty of excitement for gamblers and fans alike. Lebron James and the Cavs took the full 7 games to finally dispatch of the Pacers in what was the 1st rounds most exciting series. The Celtics also went to 7 games in their opening series as they were finally able to send the Bucks packing despite the pile of injuries that have befallen this team. The Raptors were able to eliminate a pesky Wizards squad 4-2 as they now take on their playoff nemesis in the Cavs. And what may have been the most impressive performance out of the East comes from the young Philadelphia 76ers who dominated the Miami Heat in taking them down 4-1.  Ben Simmons did not look like an ordinary rookie as he dominated the opening round.

A few upsets in the West as the Oklahoma City Thunder and Portland Trailblazers are going home early. The Trailblazers were swept by the red-hot Pelicans while the rough and rugged Jazz were too much for the mess that appears to be the Thunder. Both favorites to win the NBA title in the Warriors and Rockets were able to easily navigate thru their opening round matchups.

Round two is off and running with the Warriors, Cavs, and surprise Celtics up 2-0. The Jazz and Rockets are tied at 1 apiece after the Jazz surprised the Rockets with a game 2 win. Hopefully, we can get a little drama out of those other 3 series before we head to conference finals. The Raptors have to have at least some fight for the Cavs.

The Warriors remain the slight favorites to take down the title at 4/5 while they are followed by the Rockets at 17/10.

Lord Stanley’s Cup to the Desert?

The NHL Playoffs are moving along in round 2 and among the favorites to hoist the cup is the expansion Golden Knights who are tied 2-2 in their series vs the Sharks. The Golden Knights are currently 19/4 to win it all. The Tampa Bay Lightning are currently atop the odds at 4/1 followed by the Nashville Predators at 9/2.

Sports Betting Integrity Fee

A new bill came appeared from Assembly Members regarding gambling regulation in the state of New Jersey. The bill laid out some of the groundwork for wagering in the state should the Supreme Court rule in their favor.  The main takeaways from this bill include a ban on college events that take place or involve teams from the state of New Jersey. An 8 percent tax on gross revenue from all casino and track wagers. Online sports betting revenue would be subject to additional tax at 12.5% total.

The biggest point that stands out in this piece of legislation is an annual integrity fee that will be set aside to compensate sports leagues for their efforts in maintaining the integrity of the games. This is not an automatic fee to be paid to the leagues but rather to be used on an as-needed basis.

RIP Dave Malinsky

Longtime Vegas gambler and writer Dave Malinksy was recently found dead at Mount Charleston.  He apparently suffered a fall while hiking alone.  Malinsky was 57 years old. The guy was known as one of the nice guys in the industry and he will be missed.