HRWager’s NL Central Futures Free Pick

Updated: April 3, 2015

Pitt ML Future

Investments in the future via free agency have been treaded carefully with the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Twenty years of prolonged losing will do that to you.  Now the last two years have seen the farm system continue to pump out almost all the needs for Pitt.  Did you realize that Lirano’s three year deal for thirty nine million dollars is the most they have ever ponied up for a free agent?  Will this deviation from their normal thriftiness pay off with the NL Central this year?  HRWager will look at the Pirates for your NL Central future this Friday.

Clutch Have Been the Cardinals

One should not list the opposition first when pining for your NL future to be on the Pirates.  The Cardinals have one intangible that no one else in the division had as of late.  Their late season kick propelled them to the division the last two years and carried them in the playoffs the last four.  Even when the Brewers were pounding the division last year, the Cardinals did not panic.  Does these last two years of winning give the Pirates the experience necessary to navigate the division all the way?  They had the kick last year but the hole they buried themselves in at the start was deep.  Any sort of decent .500ish start should have them being able to finish the deal in 2015.

Run Production Wins Regular Season Games

Loaded is the Pittsburgh offense in comparison to most teams.  Even the potent Cardinals attack, the Pirates could still outpace them at the plate.  Greg Polanco is expected to have a much better season this time around for the prospect.  Jung Ho Kang might get to show the power he brought from South Korea where he hit forty home runs.  Finally, newcomer Cervelli is a beast in OPS due to his ability to draw every walk there is out there.  His eye is fantastic.  McCutchen should have a feast set before him to knock in this year.

Pitching is Solid

Gerit Cole is top tier in the NL Central.  The rest of the staff just has to hold back the deluge and not let in a ton of runs.  AJ and Liriano manufacture outs and can get out of more than their fair share of jams.  Morton and Locke should give you just below four run ERA’s which is all this team needs.

HRWager looks at the price for the three contenders.

  • St Louis +105
  • Pitt +200
  • Cubs +200

The Cubs should be higher and does not give the proper value at +200.  St. Louis and Pittsburgh have the same chances but with the Pirates at the much better price.  Want a nest egg that will mature nicely when it hits.  The Pirates should be your investment of the summer and is our NL Central Future Free Pick of the Day.  Thank you for tuning into TGF and we will see you tomorrow here at the Gambling Forum.