Louisville Beats Florida State for #2 in the Land

Updated: September 17, 2016

Louisville Beats Florida State

Saturday saw the absolute demolition in that Louisville Beats Florida State 63-20.  In the process, they should rocket up the polls to be the new #2. Good afternoon one and all from us all at The Gambling Forum.  Festivities were in high swing with the stadium nearly a quarter empty after half time.  Not because it lacked fans but the Cardinals fans were moving on to the after party.  Yes the Seminoles got their hats handed to them in that decisive of a fashion.

Louisville Beats Florida State : All Facets

Every dimension of note in the game was won by the Cardinals.  One punt return for a touchdown and almost another in the second half.  Lamar Jackson could have won the Heisman right here.  His arm hit the open receivers.  Legs allowed him to bolt to freedom and many yards on the grounds.  Few thought he would be pulled from the game with significant time left but he was.  13 for 20 and 216 yards with 1TD plus an interception.  On the ground, 146 yards and four touchdowns.  All of this plus that Petrino attitude of pouring it on.

New #2 ?!

Case is strong for this team to go all the way up right behind Alabama.  Crimson Tide lose tonight and this team could be your new #1.  Ohio State might have something to say but this is the hipster team now in the country.  Everyone is hopping on the bandwagon and so should you.  Expect very large spreads in the near future. We look forward to fading those high numbers as this team can not just keep playing this fast every game of the season.

Congrats to the Seminoles.  Hawkeyes lost to the defending FCS national champions.  Miami of Florida finally announced the arrival of being a good team in beating Appalachian State 45-10.  Plenty of plays and gambling all night long in college football.  Join our forums for free and jump on in debates in all major American Sports.  Good fortune and we will see you later today here at The Gambling Forum