MLB Futures : Season Win Totals for NL West

Updated: March 11, 2016

MLB Futures NL West

Part IV of The Gambling Forum’s look at MLB futures turns our attention to the National League West.  Here we have a three way fight for the division crown with the Padres and Rockies bringing up the rear.  Giants, Dodgers, and the Diamondback fans all have reasons to rally under their banners to snag this year’s pennant.  So let us look at the odds to win the division and the team we like to go on the over for season wins right now here at TGF.

MLB Futures : To Win the NL West

  • Giants +125
  • Dodgers + 150
  • Diamondbacks + 300

San Diego and Colorado have prices over +1000 for good reasons.  Both of their franchises are in disarray with no short term solutions coming close to solving the problems present.  With the three favorites, the situation becomes even more murky when the season wins totals come into play.

Season Win Totals Among Contenders

A razor thin margin in this category separates the Giants and the Dodger.  San Fran is at 89.5 with both the under and over getting the customary -115.  LAD is at 88.5 but there has been significant action on the over to boost it to -130/E on this future.  Now Arizona weighs in at 82.5 season wins with -115 each side.  So if one is interested in wagering on Arizona’s fortunes this year, would it be better for the over on the season wins or the whole enchilada for the NL West at +300?

Why people like Arizona this year?  A solid core of four players who excel at one key metric.  This generation of baseball fans are still in love with Wins Above Replacement.  Shelby Miller, Zack Greinke, AJ Pollock, and Paul Goldschmidt have a combined 29.1 WAR from last season.  With this core producing at such a high level, if the supplementary pieces do well then Arizona will easily eclipse the .500 mark this year.  Go with the much surer propositions and wager the future over 82.5 wins for Arizona.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at The Gambling Forum.