MLB News : Dirty Slide?! Pirates’ Kang Out for Season

Updated: September 18, 2015

TGF’s MLB News is here to report on the status of the NL Central and extension the entire league.  For these last few weeks, we have all been witness to an all out assault by the Pirates and Cubs on the shrinking lead of the Cardinals.  St. Louis was thanking their lucky stars that those two were playing each other this week.  Not only did Chicago seriously derail the Pirates but now have put Kang on the shelf.  The superstar Pirates’ shortstop is gone for the season after a questionable slide crushed his knee, ligaments, and remaining tissue around it.  Watch the videos and make your own mind on this one.

MLN News : Smoltz Almost Says It

The gentleman in Smoltz caused him to hedge and not call it dirty.  He danced around the issue as MLB Tonighttook a long look at this one.  Here is the video courtesy of the MLB Network.

Now here is  super slow motion look at it.  One can see tissue ripple and contort in a manner not normally associated with a healthy range of motion.


Even before this unfortunate injury, the Cardinals had to be happy with the Cubs taking three from Pittsburgh.  The red birds reeled off three straight wins and expanded a tiny two game lead into a five game bulge.  Now the world has to see how they are going to replace Kang’s stats.  His .355 OBP and overall play more than counter the near one hundred strikeouts he had.  He has been the offensive sparkplug that help this team prosper when more high profile players have floundered this season.

So at the end of the night, it is done.  Pirates and Cubs look like they are married into the one game playoff.  St Louis can breathe easy.  Pittsburgh as a potent playoff presence seems to be done.  We will provide you a look at one of the more historical dirty slides in MLB history and you decide where it ranks in it all.