NBA Betting Review: Coming Down the Home Stretch

Updated: February 11, 2018

NBA Betting Review

The NBA season is less than a week away from the All-Star break and coming off another wild and crazy trade deadline. The most exciting development from the trade deadline has to be the Cavaliers attempting to hit reset on their season with a huge overhaul of players coming and going. This included punting on the Isaiah Thomas experiment as he was sent to the Lakers for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance. Will be eager to see if Lebron and company are able to gel with so many new pieces coming and going.

With most teams having around 25 games remaining it’s a good time to look at who has been good against the number (its not always who you think) and who has struggled to cover the spread. Let’s take a quick look at some of the money makers for gamblers and a few that seem like they are setting it on fire when they are backed.

Best of the Best (Records can vary slightly based on closing number used)

Boston Celtics (34-21-2 ATS)- The Celtics are currently 40-17 and have all the look of someone who is looking to contend in the east. In addition to a stellar SU record, they also lead the lead against the number going 34-21 to this point in the season covering the number over 61% of their games. They are still in a close battle with Toronto currently for #1 seed in the East so look for the C’s to keep the pedal down going forward.

Brooklyn Nets (34-22-1)- Raise your hand if you thought backing the 19-38 SU Brooklyn Nets would yield you just over 60% winners. Proving once again that straight up records often do not reflect teams performance against the number. The Nets have been competitive in a lot of games but as a young team lacks that instinct often needed to close things out. So you get a team that is a gold mine against the spread battling for the worst record in the league.

The Surprise Middle

Houston Rockets ( 27-26-1)- Being right in the mix for the Houston Rockets(41-13 SU) has led to a lot of hype and energy surrounding the franchise. What it has not led to, however, is the team being profitable backed against the number. The Rockets sit surrounded by a pile of mediocre teams hovering right around 50% against the number.

The Ugly

Oklahoma City Thunder (22-33-1)– While they have improved since opening the season in awful fashion the Thunder still sit next to the bottom against the number. For a team with high expectations coming in after picking up Paul George and Carmelo Anthony you have to imagine a lot of money was lost tailing these guys.

Cleveland Cavaliers (15-38-1)– Want to know what the most profitable angle in the NBA has been this season? It’s playing against Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Cav faders have been rewarded with an over 70% winning percentage thus far this NBA season. It has literally been a money tree for these first 54 games. For a team that was picked by many to dominate the East, you have to imagine this run has left some disaster in its wake. It should get better going forward but how much so is up for debate after the trade deadline roster reset.