NBA News : Any Hope Left in Cleveland? 6/6

Updated: June 6, 2016

NBA News 6/6

TGF’s NBA News sifts through the aftermath of Golden State’s Game Two blowout of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  National media personalities have gone so far to say that LeBron and company quit as early as the third quarter in this humiliation.  The Gambling Forum is here to examine the invitation to the wake.  Is it too late for Cleveland or is there a glimmer of a heartbeat still in the Cavs coming back home?

NBA News : Hopes for Cleveland?!

     Warriors are a much better team at home. The Thunder proved to be the exception of the case as most everyone else that visited the Warriors left with a double digit defeat.  Three point shooting in your home arena is supposed to be a thing that teams do better at than on the road.  While the wins have not been solely because of long range shooting, there is a potential for a mass point swing between these two teams.  Wednesday’s game has opened up as a pick em and the sharps have drove the market to – 1 1/2 on the home town Cavs.  Some small hope rests largely on the difference between home and away from Golden State for the Warriors.

Addition by Subtraction

    Zone defense by the Warriors helps limit Bogut’s liability in foot speed while retaining his shot blocking traits.  Cavs play man to man and this highlights the struggles of Kevin Love defending Draymond Green.  He is in the limbo called the concussion protocol.  Should he prove to be unavailable, defense gets simpler for Cleveland.  Also Kevin is not a potent offensive weapon.  He does yeoman work but actually slows down the offense.  Lue does not have enough tenure or experience to do what David Blatt might and that is to reduce Kevin Love’s minutes.  His being out for a concussion could actually help the Cavs with identity issues.

    Finally, it is time for LeBron to assert himself and say this is his team.  Odd thing to say but for the good of chemistry, he has been letting Kyrie run roughshod.  Now is the time for the Cavs to use virtually the only ring experience they have that contributes.  Funnel the ball through James and let him dictate when and where Irving does his thing.  A selfish LeBron goes a long way to making this series go even five or six games.  Good fortune in your sports speculation and we will see you tomorrow with our Free Pick for Game Three of the Finals here at The Gambling Forum.