NBA News : Dwight Howard Opts Out of $23 Million

Updated: June 21, 2016

Dwight Howard

Shocking news has come across the NBA News department.  Perpetual disappointment Dwight Howard leaves $23 million for one season on the table to become an unrestricted free agent.  Was the situation that bad in Houston to make that much money intolerable?  Who is going to pay him that much for two years total on the open market?  Join us at The Gambling Forum as we examine once again what is around with Dwight.

NBA News : Not a Role Player!

What is the first rule of being a role player?  Knowing that you are not at the top of the mountain top.  Howard had it all in Orlando.  Lead man who wanted to shrink from the lime light.  He went out west to join Kobe.  Lakers were his team but Howard could not cope with it.  Wanting the power but not the leadership role so he went to Houston.  He and Hardin could not co exist.  Finally when the Rockets flopped this year, they are going in a coaching direction that Howard thought was intolerable.  He did not stay on in the face of another stint under Mike D’Antoni.

Era has Changed

Big men are devalued as the running back position is in the NFL.  With spacing and speed, the typical center has a hard time keeping up.  A lot of time the team will just go small for key stretches.  Therefore, who is going to pay for a slow aging center that gets along with few people.  Surprisingly, four teams have interest.  Portland and the Bulls need bodies with talent.  Bucks tried to trade for him but Dwight would not budge on his no trade clause.  Orlando might resign him.  All except the Blazers are teams close to the playoffs under the illusion that Howard is the missing piece.  Much better ways to spend money unless it is for a veteran exception.

He is clearly going for one more long term deal.  The increase of the salary cap will have teams flush with cash willing to overspend.  Still it is Dwight Howard and leaving $23 million on the table is a mystery.  We wish him good fortune and will report where he signs and for what amount.