NBA News for 1 26

Updated: January 26, 2016

NBA News 1 26

Lots of regular season profit to still be extracted even if the hierarchy of power is firmly cemented in the NBA.  There was a groundswell of support for the Spurs as possibly being the best team in the league.  Last night saw this theory go down in flames as the Warriors played with San Antonio for most of the night.  Good Morning and welcome to The Gambling Forum.  We will look at the game last night as well as one loveable loser getting steam in the early hours in this edition of our NBA News for 1/26.

Can’t Downplay 30

Once a loss gets to this place, it is very hard to spin it into anything positive.  Pops and his San Antonio squad went into GS and got the doors off the bus blown off.  Curry had 37 and skipped the fourth quarter.  Spurs had to rest Duncan because he needs it at his age.  It was the ideal chance to spin a close loss into something positive but this was a rout.  Even one of the better defensive teams could not handle the use of space and shoot by the Warriors.  It has come down to them and everyone else unless Golden State is beset by a rash of injuries before playoff time.

Steam on the Sixers

Want to see how a team from the desert can slide off the face of the Earth?  No, we are not referencing the Arizona Cardinals but a team that knows they have already quit.  The Suns travel to the Sixers.  Philadelphia is the get well stop for most teams but this is still not an oasis for Phoenix.  An early +1 on the home team has gone down to and adjusted all the way to -3.  Jeff Hornacek should thank his lucky stars that the franchise still employs him as coach.  The Cashing Check tour continues east making the Sixers look like titans this evening.

Even the war that Washington and Toronto goes through will be tempered with the Beal concussion.  Look to see how the Clippers will do in Indiana this evening. A pickem game that has a lot to do with seeing which teams are best on the second tier.  Happy viewing and we will have more Free Picks to profit by tomorrow here at the TGF.