NBA News : Lack Of Cleveland Chemistry

Updated: March 25, 2016

NBA News 3/25

The Gambling Forum’s NBA News focuses on the Eastern Conference today.  Most of the pundits have predicted that this Conference is Cleveland’s to win or lose.  However, judging from the recent level of exasperation demonstrated by LeBron James that the latter might occur.  Find out how a recent implosion against Brooklyn is a tell tale sign that the Cavs need much more than to just hit the accelerator for the upcoming playoffs.

NBA News : 51-21

Besides getting the #1 seed for extra home ticket sales, the regular season means very little to the Cavs.  It was assumed that when the time came, the afterburners will have fired to catapult their playoff run.  However, this flight path hit some turbulence in Brooklyn on Wednesday. James  has 13 for 16 from the floor with thirty points.  Defensive effort from the rest of the team was lacking.  Kyrie Irving does not defer to him well and it shows with their little chemistry.

Unfollowing the Cavs

What to make of LeBron unfollowing his team on Twitter?  This is in a series of events that make it looks like James will bolt.  Comfy talk with Wade.  Comments that he is willing to take a pay cut to be on a new superteam with Wade, Melo, and Bosch have pinged the radar of management.  Can you imagine what LeBron was thinking when he was sat down by the organization?  This is a messy situation.

James could not carry a team on his own.  Kyrie does not have the mental makeup to forego his points for the good of the team.  Kevin Love and his double doubles will help this team.  TO beat the west is a stretch but a loss to the Raptors are more than a distinct possibility at this point.  Good fortune to your sports speculation this weekend and we will see you tomorrow here at the TGF.