NBA Playoffs : Matchups are Set 4/14

Updated: April 14, 2016

NBA Playoffs 4/14

The NBA Playoffs are here.  Matchups are set after Wednesday produced some shockers.  Besides Kobe’s 60 and Golden State’s 73, the Utah Jazz fell flat and missed out.  Last stand by Bryant bounced them in favor of the Houston Rockets.  This laugh out loud moment saw the most underpeforming team in the league make it in as the eighth seed.  Good Thursday Morning and welcome to The Gambling Forum. Here are your matchups for action that opens up on Saturday.

NBA Playoffs : Western Conference

Shocked that the Houston Rockets came back from the dead to rally to gain the last slot.  They needed help from Utah and got it.  Harden at least is a face that can pour in the points.  So let us see the matchups so we know on Friday where to plant our flags in this fertile field of NBA wagering.

  • Golden State (1) vs Houston (8)
  • LA Clippers (4) host the Trail Blazers (5)
  • Oklahoma City (3) gets Dallas (6)
  • Spurs (2) start of with Memphis (7)

Cleveland’s Defense of the East

LeBron’s team slept walked through the regular season.  David Blatt lost his job because of personality conflicts with the star players.  They did not want to work hard in the regular season.  We shall see if Love and Irving have the grit that James has shown in recent post seasons.  This is how the seedings panned out for the Cavs defense of the East.

  • Cleveland (1) vs Detroit (8)
  • Hakws (4) get Boston (5)
  • Heat (3) host the Hornets (6)
  • Toronto (2) opens up with Indiana (7)

Playoff action starts on Saturday with four games.  What is great on opening weekend is that the league tries their best to give each game its own unique time slot.  Better for us in the live wagering aspects.  Tune in tomorrow as the Pacers and Raptors 12:30 PM 4/16 tip off game is handicapped.  Good fortune in your sports speculation and thank you from your friends at TGF.