Some much needed Redemption!

Some much needed Redemption!

A year ago Virginia left the court with their tails between their legs and today they walk with their heads held high. That’s right; March Madness 2019 proved to be the complete opposite for Virginia as they had lost to a #16 seed in 2018.

Virginia took the title against Texas Tech, 85-77, in what could possibly be the Cavalier’s most important game ever, clinching them their first ever N.C.A.A. Tournament Championship and with it comes much respect.

This Championship game wasn’t about the most sought-after players competing to blow each other’s team out of the water, but more of two teams coordinating their offense and strategically planning their defense. As the game started, we could already see the two titans dueling it out and not giving an inch of play. It seemed pretty even between the two teams as they each took shots and for the most part would take advantage of every move – that is until Texas Tech started to show weakness.

The pivotal moment was when De’Andre Hunter took a 3-pointer from the side and ensured the Cavs would take the lead for the rest of the game. Hunter was out for most of the previous season due to injury, but certainly made up for it this year as he took on Jarrett Culver who incidentally finished the first half with 27 points.

It seems that the Cavs love to play it dangerously and wait to the last minute to ensure their destiny. In their previous game against the much seasoned Purdue Mamadi Diakite shot the ball as the buzzer rang ensuring overtime presence. How about Kyle Guy’s free throws with less than a second to go during the Auburn game? Lastly during the Championship game De’Andre Hunter stole the ball from Ty Jerome and made a 3 point shot right in front of the Virginia team bench.

That’s not to say Texas Tech had a bad game, they just didn’t produce enough to beat Virginia. A lot of their plays where made by Brandon Francis, scoring 17 points. Jarrett Culver seemed to come alive during the second late part of the game scoring 15 points. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough for the Red Raiders to make out alive.

Virginia not only had to endure harsh matchups against Purdue and Auburn but also against University of Maryland who last year was ranked #16 seed and destroyed Virginia. This was a tough loss for the Cavs and going up against them once more this year would prove to shake up some old fears. Luckily for the Cavs they would use that negative experience as a teaching and it would prove to make them stronger. The Cavaliers showed all of us that anyone can come back from a disappointing loss and in the end all that matters is the experience those players take with them and of course that shiny new trophy.

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