Zion is coming up!

Zion is coming up!

It looks like Zion Williamson will be signing a sneaker shoe deal that will end up making him far richer than any NBA contract can ever offer him.

Expect Zion to be up to the likes of fellow endorsers like Lebron James and Kevin Durant, making him one of the three highest paid basketball players ever. This deal is expected to come sooner than the NBA draft lottery date of May 14th as the famous sneaker companies all are expected to compete for a chance to have Zion represent them.

Let’s not forget the memorable moment with Lebron James had turned down a $10 million offer from Reebok, just so he can later sign a guaranteed $87 million offer from Nike. Kevin Durant signed a deal with Adidas for 7 years and $70 million. Durant later ended up signing with Nike for a staggering $60 million plus bonuses and incentives.

Zion Williamson is expected to receive offers from such known brands like Under Armor, New Balance, Puma, Adidas and of course Nike.

Williamson still has that raw talent that still hasn’t played professionally and his fans love him for it and a chance to have him endorse a particular pair of sneakers would be a homerun for any sneaker company.

At the moment there’s 17 active players that have their own signature sneakers but that’ll soon change with the arrival of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Nike shoes as well as Donovan Mitchell’s Adidas sneakers, both to be released mid-year. We would have to wait and see if Nike would take on Zion shoes as they are already too crowded with so many other NBA player sneakers, an option for them would be to have Williamson be on the Jordan shoe platform. We have yet to see if Zion would go with Nike or not.

Let us not forget the torn shoe ordeal in late February and the fact that Nike had to scramble to follow up on this ordeal. It was a Paul George Nike shoe that had torn and official Nike inspectors flew out to Durham the next day to speak with Zion and examine to see what exactly had happened. The incident had eventually caused Williamson to miss 6 games with a sprained right knee and it was determined that Zion needed a reinforced, more supportive type of shoe. Zion’s build was tough and heavy and Nike inspectors had advised a similar shoe to the Kyrie 4, which was already a roughly built shoe.

With Zion’s Shoe deal expected to be concluded before the NBA draft, the shoe brands are working hard on presentations and coming up with the right set of bonuses and money offers. We will see what brand Zion chooses, whichever it may be – it will turn out to be one of the highest paid deals in history.

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