NFL News : Dolphins Barred From Charity Poker Event

Updated: June 10, 2015

NFL News

NFL News examines another instance in which the no fun league has justly earned this infamous nickname.  The same institution that bans most elaborate celebrations and gave us the process of completing the catch has made life needlessly complicated once again.  This time it does not only affect the product on the field but has bad ramifications for local charities in Florida.  Read on here at The Gambling Forum to see what went or more exactly what did not go down.

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Down south, the Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek had a progressive idea of hosting a charity poker event.  They reached out to several players on the Miami Dolphins.  All sides involved thought ut was a good idea until it got kicked up to the powers that be.  League officials quickly nixed the notion despite extensive advertisement saying that the players would be there.  Some entrants made the decision to play to have the chance to hob nob with the home team.


This came on the heels of the NFL eliminating Tony Romo from the equation of a convention for fantasy football that was being held out in Vegas.  The sticky wicket is that the league frowns on any event ran at a casino for their employees.  Cowboy’s Qb became irked and likened the league to a bunch of jaded teenagers.

On the other side of the spectrum is the NBA.  They do not step in to prevent gatherings of this nature.  In fact, several players went out for profit and played at the World Series of Poker.  One of the success stories was Earl Barron of the Suns who made the money in the Millionaire Maker event recently.  Over reaction is the norm now these days in the NFL. It was merely offputting but now it is affecting charitable actions on several different fronts.