NFL Week Three Line Moves

Updated: September 23, 2016

NFL Week Three

Time to look at NFL Week Three Line Moves where the original odds were deemed inferior by the betting masses or the sharps.  Thank goodness it is Friday.  End of a long work week and appreciate one and all checking in with The Gambling Forum.  How about those New England Patriots?  Their system seems interchangeable with a variety of parts.  They dismantled the Houston Texans 27-0 with their high priced free agent quarterback.  We have a few days to get over the shock of this and process the shifts in the wagering landscape here at TGF.

NFL Week Three Line Moves : No Browns System

Why should we be surprised at the market revolting against the Cleveland Browns?  Part of it is that they can take anyone, plug him in, and still produce lackluster football.  This week they are down in Miami and some oddsmaker decided to open them up with less than a touchdown favorite.  Cody Kessler can not be happy facing a defensive front of Miami fighting for their reputation.  Dolphins at last get a home game.  They adjusted and knocked Garoppolo from the game to make a blowout slightly less so.  Here the betting public have bet the Dolphins all the way to -10 in some markets.  This is quite the movement and it is only Friday.  Wait til the rest of the world gets on this.  Could be -12 by the time it is all said and done.

Other Differences in Opinion

At least the Rams do not have to play in the 1PM slot traveling east from the west.  Tampa got dismantled last week while LA won their home opener in a battle of field goals.  Public announces that Winston should handle this situation with a -3 1/2 to -5 1/2 bulge for the Bucs.  Speaking of the early game, Zona gets to put their new found momentum to the test in Buffalo for the 1PM game.  This used to be the secret time slot to fade all west teams.  Balance of power being what it is, this “sure” thing is not etched in concrete anymore.  Zona opened -5 1/2 and has lost traction to the Bills.  Buffalo is in dire straights and is oddly getting the benefit of the doubt with the wagering dollar.  They are down to +3 1/2 but do not look for the Bills to dip below +3 by game time.

Even if you do not bet on these particular games, a lot can be gleaned from these line moves.  Deduce why the traffic would flow this way.  See the results, study the stats, and determine which patterns could be repeated again.  Augment this into your betting strategy and wager at BetOnline today.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at The Gambling Forum.