Olympics Zika Taunts vs US Soccer and Beach Volleyball

Updated: August 7, 2016


Olympics Zika

These Olympics Zika concerns are one of the first where Taunts both reflect worries about visiting athletes and the deplorable conditions in Brazil.  Good afternoon and welcome back to The Gambling Forum.  Today, we look beyond normal factors to see if this type of mental warfare will have any effect on the women’s teams from the United States.  We have already seen it in tennis, soccer, and now at beach volleyball events.  Let us see how they responded to this right now at TGF.

Olympics Zika Taunts : Women’s Soccer

Clearly the crowds were up on their world politics as several high profile US athletes cited this medical concern as a reason to bow out of the games.  Hope Solo for example had a series of Tweets and other messages via social media that were highly critical of the host nation and this concern.  Reiterating that she “wants to start a family,” had the crowds chanting Zika any time she handled the ball in the first two games of the group stage.  In the cap of the American goalkeep, she was credited with being the main reason for their 1-0 win over rival France this weekend.

Beach Volleyball : Maybe a Factor

A more head scratcher of came in women’s volleyball with Lauren Fendrick and Brooke Sweat were in pool play against a team from Poland.  Neither one of these two ladies had been on or off the record about the conditions in Brazil.  Each time one of the women from the USA served, the Zika chants would come down.  Well this time it did eat at their resolve.  They won the first set 21-14 but lost the two remaining sets to lose the match.  The only thing that was at stake for the crowd was the conceived notion that all female Americas are to be booed because of this concern of some of them.

We will see if this is picked up by more crowds as it appears to have had some effect in beach volleyball.  A shame of sportsmanship but a real concern to us when it comes to our wagering dollars.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at The Gambling Forum.