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Date Submittied : 11/26/2014

A cautionary note should be given in regards to one aspect to the very established and well thought of offshore sportsbook  This has to do with customer service and situations that go above elementary service skills.  The latest case has involved calculations regarding the 8th deposit free promo.  Two cases have crossed the desk where live customer chat have made gross errors in tabulating the amount or even the eligibility of the client.  This has to do with the deduction in the formula they use for third party transfers.

Both times the calculations were off by a significant margin.  The first time, the customer was notified they were not even eligible because the transfers resulted in gross losses.  The person had to contact a manager who re-did the numbers and rightly concluded that the customer service agent was at fault.

Today a second instance of this happened.  The account was docked $392.6 dollars in the equation for outgoing third party losses.  This was not the case and in fact the customer had amount ingoing which was more than outgoing in third party transfers.  Had the person just trusted the live chat rep then the error would have gone undetected.

With their transaction history now being limited to a 30 day search, it is advised to keep strict records and know where you stand before entering into a discussion with live chat


Date Submitted : 10/28/2014

Being new to the sports wagering scene, I wanted to try to make my better than average knowledge payoff for me.  At the same time, I wanted to swing for the fences early and even the best of us can stumble out of the gate.  Finally, I wanted to make sure that if I did win that I would get paid and quickly.  After doing some legwork and looking around the froums and sports book review sites, I decided to go with HRWager.Ag.

The deposit was one of the person to person types that I could do from the comfort of my hope.  My deposit was large enough so that they credited the fee to my account as cash.  Talking to Rock in live chat, he hooked me up with a freeplay bonus with a rollover that while standard would take so work in completing.  Well I wanted to enjoy the NFL season so I did not see this as an impediment and away I went.

Back and forth I went.  I certainly needed the cushion the promotion gave me as I thought that Texas A&M would be a shell without Johnny.  South Carolina crushed my dreams had it not been for that free play.  That was tucked away for a rainy day.  Slowly but surely I built my online account back up.  With eight weeks down in the season, i had cleared the rollover and had enough for a cashout and keep some still in my account.

Now was the time to see how the withdrawal process would work.  I made the withdrawal request on Monday and even got it comped for as in the fees to send it to me.  I woke up this morning and went to follow up on it.  They gave me the information to pick it up.  Bummed that I could not get it at home like I did the deposit but cash is the best thing.  Short trip to the store and I have some of the fruits of my labor.  Thank you HRWager.

  •        Banking : B+
  •        Bonuses : A
  •        Customer Service : A
  •        Wager Selection : B

I enjoyed most every part of the experience.  The wager selection I slightly dinged as I wanted both reduced juice and those great bonuses.  Greedy of me I know but other than not getting those two in tandem, I enjoyed my experience greatly at here and will continue to use them when College Basketball comes out.