Red Sox Resurgence with a Cuban Infusion : Sign Rusney Castillo

Updated: August 23, 2014

Cuban Infusion

Having said that you learned your lesson and actually not making the same mistake twice are two different matters.  For the Boston Red Sox, they appeared to have past this test although the examination proved to be quite costly in the end.  Erasing past errors, the Red Sox fended off interest from most of the league in netting the next big thing in the Cuban infusion into the majors.  At what jaw dropping number did Rusney Castillo sign for to make him a Boston Red Sox for seven years?

Retooling not Rebuilding

Lester’s departure was taken hastily by some that the Red Sox were content with their championships and would quietly look to gradually rebuild.  Concerns of tightening purse strings were all for naught as they held off the Detroit Tigers in getting the latest in Cuban players to make it to the majors.  Puig and Abreu are reminders of the effect that these stellar players have from our neighbors to the south.  Jose Abreu has stuck in their craw since they let him escape their clutches and go to Chicago.  Red Sox management was determined to not make the same mistake in this case.


Bulking Up

Cuban Infusion     The concern about Castillo was his lack of power.  He has the speed, talent in the field, and bat control to be a quality contributor.  His power rating was considered to be on the lower end of the spectrum but he has since addressed this coming to the US.  A vigorous weight program has put on close to twenty pounds on his frame with a corresponding pop to his bat.  While 60 in the raw power rating is not eye popping, it does add the vital component missing from this player’s repertoire.


A salaray cap as in a maximum contract did not apply to him as he exceeded the age limit for that restriction for international players.  This signing had an element of reaction to it.  Watching Abreu doing well for the White Sox when they essentially had him is vexing.  It was because of him and Puig that Castillo collected what he did.  Baseball seems to be a bit brighter when the Red Sox and Yankees do all they can to be the best in baseball.