Seattle-Kansas City : Limping Into All Star Break 7/8

Updated: July 8, 2016

Seattle-Kansas City

Both teams in Seattle-Kansas City are not where they wanted to be at as the MLB season progresses to the All-Star Break.  One team in particular have found novel ways to derail the early success that they had in April.  Good morning and welcome back to The Gambling Forum.  Today, the Mariners (43-43) are firmly in our wagering sites.  How has the team that started so strong have lost now nine in a row on the road?  Even in the face of all of this, the ML is near a pickem for this matchup on 7/8 with a start time of 8:15 PM EST!

Seattle-Kansas City : Mariners’ Gaffes

What has been the problem with the Mariners?  They have plenty of power as seen by the fact that they have the second most amount of home runs in the league.  Pitching staff has been spot on as well.  Top five in the American League in terms of ERA.  What has been getting their goat is fielding errors!  A lot of them and at the worst of times.  This has been a key cause to their slide to just .500 this season.

Starting Pitching Today

Both pitchers have had their problems as of late.  Iwakuma has a WHIP broaching 1.800 in his last three.  Even though he has kept his walks low at four, his ERA for this stint is at 5.71.  Ventura of KC is even worse in the same stretch.  Lower WHIP of 1.40 but even a more bloated earned run average he possesses.  High 80’s with humid conditions will assist the power element of the Mariners.  Errors on the field will generate small ball chances of the Royals.  Can we say runs galore?

Slight amount of steam in this one.  Total began at eight but did not last long.  At 8 1/2, it has steadily been getting more costly to cover the over.  Right now it is at -115.  Projection for a nine is in short order.  TGF recommends getting on the horse and hitting the 8 1/2 over in stride before the nine comes into being.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at TGF.