Soccer Free Pick : Brazil at Argentina 11/12

Updated: November 11, 2015

Soccer Free Pick

TGF’s Soccer Free Pick takes a look at the state of South American soccer heading into the World Cup.  Qualifying has taken an unusual turn in that both Argentina and Brazil need to win this game to avoid being put in an early hole.  On 11/12, Brazil visits Argentina with both teams looking to make progress at the other’s expense.  Find out which team has the momentum going into this one and the value that we see in the three way line right now.

Soccer Free Pick : Argentina Free Fall

No one saw a home loss to Ecuador by two goals in the cards as the march towards Russia started.  If this was not enough, Paraguay thwarted them with a goal less draw in the next game.  Messi and Sergio Aguero are out for this one.  How sad is the state of soccer for them?  They had to swallow their pride and go back with Gonzalo Higuain back on the team after leaving him off a month ago.  This match and one with Colombia five days later makes it a very difficult trek for Argentina in November.

Can Neymar Save Dunga?

Second time around for Dunga who was shown the door in 2010 QF World Cup appearance.  His simple and straight forward coaching style was not popular but is superior to the flame out they had in WC 2014.  Since he has been given back his mantle, he has done a decent job at keeping the nation afloat.  Costa, Willian, Neymar, and Hulk is the arsenal that can cause Argentina fits on Thursday.

We at TGF see little chance in Brazil flopping here.  The + 1/2 line should be really safe for those that exercise caution in their sport’s speculation.  For this one, we are going with the more aggressive three way line with Brazil getting the win at over +200.  The mood, momentum, and motivation all are in favor of Brazil.  Price is too good to pass up for those with secure bankrolls.  Good fortune and we will see you later today here at TGF.