Super Bowl Wagering $$$

Updated: January 30, 2018

Super Bowl Wagering

Super Bowl LII is almost here and the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles prepare to decide who hoists the Lombardi trophy this Sunday. With the Super Bowl always comes plenty of hype and media attention. It is generally a circus week for teams and players as they get closer to the game. Heck, we even have a Puppy Bowl nowadays going into its 9th edition.

Along with the glitz, glamor, hype, and hoopla surrounding the Super Bowl comes one additional Super Bowl tradition. That is a lot of gambling on the big game. The American Gaming Association estimates that approximately $4.76 billion will be wagered on the Super Bowl this year. Yes, that number is correct at billions.

Of that $4.76 billion that is going to be wagered for this game only approximately 3% of that figure is predicted to be wagered in Nevada sportsbooks. The remainder will be put in play thru offshore sportsbooks and local bookies. That’s a ton of action for an industry that is not well known outside of true gamblers circles.

With both teams being popular teams this year predictions are that this seasons wager total should easily exceed last seasons. Exceeding $5 billion is a reasonable expectation for a game of this magnitude. Yes, again that is $5 billion with a B.

It’s numbers like above that show the potential revenue the US loses out on with its ultra-strict gambling regulations. A question for another time but will 2018 finally be the year the US gets widespread legal sportsbook gambling?

Where is the Action

As of today, early action has tended to lean pretty heavily toward the Eagles. The semi-famous “BettorX” has reportedly put down a number of million dollar bets at different venues on the Eagles moneyline at +165. You may remember Bettor X from his run on last years World Series. He contributed to Nevada books worst losing month ever as they lost $11.4 million on baseball in November. Reports are the guy did not lose a bet during the World Series and is back to try his luck on the Super Bowl.

Additional reports from various Vegas books all report heavier action on the Eagles to not only cover the point spread but win the game straight up. Several low, mid and high six-figure wagers have been reported taking the Eagles to fly high and win the game. Will early lopsided action hold on the Eagles and force the books to root for Brady and company? An Eagles win could spell disaster for the books bottom line for the big game.

Punchers Chance

I wouldn’t worry too much about the books rooting interest though. Since Nevada Gaming Control began tracking betting on the Super Bowl in 1991 the books have come out ahead in all but 2 years (25 out of 27 games). Their only two losing years came in 1995 (San Francisco 49ers/San Diego Chargers) and in 2008 (New England Patriots/New York Giants). During that span, the books are estimated to be up approximately $175 million over the players.

No matter your interest big or small the Super Bowl is always a little better with something extra on the action. The Patriots are currently a -4.5 point favorite with the total sitting at 48. Good luck with your wagers and let’s hope they all come up winners.