World Cup of Hockey USA Elimination Game

Updated: September 20, 2016

World Cup of Hockey USA

The roof has fallen as seen in the World Cup of Hockey USA Elimination Game against Canada this evening.  Great to see everyone back here at The Gambling Forum.  Hard to believe the only one game in and the USA is already in a do or die mode.  This has to do to the fact that the second game of this event saw groupings staggered.  So Team Europe got to play the Czech Republic yesterday before the Americans hit the ice tonight.  Let us see how that result put the Americans behind it here at The Gambling Forum.

World Cup of Hockey USA : Delusional?

Why is the USA team’s coach referring to this as a Championship Game?  Canada is over a -300 ML favorite against the Americans.  While admirable that they are not letting the Team Europe thrashing get them down, there is not enough desperation in their voices.  The best team by far in the event is their Mount Everest in front of them.  Only way for them to win this is for them to pound the body and for Quick to save them once again.  This has to be a low scoring game.  Total of 5 1/2 is even vig on both sides right now.  Let us see what chances a +260 or so USA squad has of cashing tonight at 8PM

How it Got Here?

Team Europe beating the Czech Republic 3-2 in overtime for Group A really has the United States in this situation.  They have six points and are a lock to advance due to goal differential at this point even if three teams tie at six after all is said and done.  Two things have to get cured rather quick.  O for 4 in the power play is not going to cut it.  Especially since their goal tender let in three scores on only 17 shots.  Against this powerhouse of a team, we do not see the situation correcting itself in this one.

Do not be sold a bill of goods in patriotism.  USA hockey is toast in this game.  No value in the Americans winning tonight.  Under 5 1/2 goals is where you should butter your bread here.  Look for a tight game that will have Canada win.  Good fortune this evening at 8PM and we will see you tomorrow here at The Gambling Forum.